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Contemporary New Age Guitar

This is a collection of traditional Christmas Carols arranged for String Quartet. I originally wrote these for my Dad's students, since my Dad is a violin instructor and puts on a String Quartet each year at the Christmas recital (he plays viola and my Mom plays Cello.

Back in my days as a young student at the University of Montreal, I took some counterpoint classes with the students majoring in composition and I learned how to write florid counterpoint over a cantus firmus. However my real passion was to write a fugue for guitar, as most of the fugues that I studied were for piano.

I was first introduced to the Bulgarian dance "Paidushko horo" by a friend who plays flute. She had the score to Four Macedonian Pieces, a suite for Alto Flute and Classical Guitar written by Serbian guitarist and composer Miroslav Tadic. The Pajdushka is the second movement of this suite.  I enjoyed the idea of mixing the short, punchy 2-3 rhythm which is punctuated by a longer measure of 5/4 time.

Regular Expressions is a piece for Wind Orchestra that I wrote in the space of a couple weeks for the INTERNATIONAL COMPOSITION COMPETITION HARELBEKE. My piece was one of 100 entrees from 32 different countries and was unfortunately not chosen for a prize.

The Three Simple Quartets (en français : trois quatuors pour débutants) is a short three movement work for String Quartet written in 2008. I originally wrote the work for my Dad's beginner string group.

This is a Concerto for Classical Guitar and Orchestra which I composed in 2008 and completed in 2015. The concerto is written in the Classical style of the 18th and early 19th century much like the music of Fernando Sor or Mauro Giuliani. The main idea of the first and second movements are based on a theme I wrote when I was 10.

Tarot Cards is a musical exploration of the mystical universe surrounding the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot deck. Each composition in the suite is a depiction of how I was inspired by the imagery of the card. 

This Symphony in C minor was composed in 2015 and is written in a style of the Romantic period of the 19th century. The first movement begins with a dramatic entrance by the full orchestra which is reminiscent of Beethoven's later works for orchestra. The shadowy main theme contrasts with the more lively second theme in G major and the music of the development section of this movement bears some resemblance to the early symphonies of Antonín Dvořák and Richard Strauss.


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