...youthful, up and coming Canadian composer Brett Vachon [...] has already earned acclaim for previous works. --Jack Evans

Montreal based Guitarist and Composer Brett Vachon's music blends contemporary melodies with exotic harmonies and his performances are infused with a mastery of Classical and Fingerstyle Guitar technique.

Self-styled as "Contemporary New Age", his music draws influences from both Classical music and contemporary genres. His latest work for guitar, Tarot Cards, is inspired by the 22 Major Arcana cards from the Tarot deck. In this suite each card is represented by a piece of music that reflects the atmosphere created by the scene.

Brett Vachon originally started studying Classical guitar but now branches off into other genres including Fingerstyle Guitar. This style of playing involves use of percussive sounds created by tapping on the guitar body, which are techniques not commonly found in Classical Guitar music.

Brett Vachon has also written music for other musical ensembles and the Quinte Symphony orchestra performed his Symphony in C Minor in 2018. This evocative work written in the 19th century style is noteworthy for it's emotional appeal and traditional melodies.

Aside from performing and writing music, Brett is an attentive and conscientious music instructor who is passionate about teaching guitar. He has created an online course aimed for beginners on and regularly publishes fingerstyle tutorials on his Youtube channel.

Find a list of Brett's work here.

Tarot Cards by Brett Vachon


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