...youthful, up and coming Canadian composer Brett Vachon [...] has already earned acclaim for previous works. --Jack Evans

While honing his guitar playing chops playing the works of the Grand Masters of Classical Guitar, Brett started to experiment with the fingerstyle playing which involves use of percussion not commonly found in classical guitar technique.

After suffering from upper back pain for a time while playing guitar, Brett discovered the health benefits of a regular yoga routine as well as distance running. The focus on breathing and inner calm that both yoga and jogging provide has helped influence his performance of the guitar and has provided spiritual influences of his compositions. Upon return to Montréal after an overseas experience in New Zealand and in need of a stage, he began busking and playing in open mic nights. In order to connect with the audience, he developed an extensive repertoire of fingerstyle arrangements of popular songs. During this time he tumbled into the world of traditional French Canadian folk music and developed a love for the Celtic repertoire. This music holds a special place in his heart and he has started several groups that perform regularly at events in Montreal.

Brett is an accomplished composer who writes primarily for guitar and has also written music for strings, bands and for Symphony Orchestra. His unique approach to contemporary music and his playing style bridges the gap between the Classical Guitar and the Fingerstyle Guitar genres. Find a list of Brett's work here.

A passionate and attentive music instructor, Brett is active as a Guitar Teacher in Montreal. He has also created an online course aimed for beginners on Udemy and publishes fingerstyle tutorials on his Youtube channel. 

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