Brett vachon

Hello, I am Brett Vachon, a musician based in Montréal, Québec, Canada.

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My aim is to create a fusion between the world of fingerstyle guitar and classical guitar.

I started learning Classical Guitar and composing music when I was eight years old. But I wrote my first real contemporary composition when I was 14, and this is when I started to find my voice and style which would influence my later compositions. I try to place importance on the melody first and foremost, whilst blending this with more contemporary harmonies and not shying away from using dissonance.

Throughout all this period I have been teaching other students how to play guitar. As an instructor, I've always been interested in the importance of being clear and concise in the way I transmit what I know. This is a skill I am constantly developing and that I put into use on my Youtube channels. You can find out more on my teaching page.

On this website you will find links to my compositions as well as ways to purchase and support my music. I have written for small and large ensembles and you can find out more on the music page. Follow me on social media where I post regular updates on my projects.