Tarot Cards. Composed and performed by Brett Vachon.

Tarot Cards is a spiritual journey for Classical Guitar through the mystical 22 Major Arcana cards from the Tarot deck. This is Classical Guitar music for the 21st century.

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Listen to the Wheel of Fortune, the tenth piece in the series.

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Brett Vachon

Brett Vachon is a Contemporary New Age and Classical Guitarist from Montréal, Québec, Canada.

Brett Vachon's compositions and performances are infused with a mastery of Classical and Fingerstyle Guitar technique.

After studying Classical Guitar for many years, Brett began a musical exploration towards other genres. He started to experiment with the Fingerstyle genre, including creating elaborate fingerstyle arrangements of pop songs.

On the Classical side, Brett has also composed works for other musical ensembles including a Symphony for Philharmonic Orchestra. He has also written works for smaller ensembles such as his works for String Quartet.

Brett is passionate about music instruction and how to tackle the challenges of learning to play the guitar. As a guitar teacher, he is active online where his Youtube channel has known rapid growth due to his high quality Fingerstyle Guitar Tutorials.

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Free tab downloads for the fingerstyle tutorials on my Youtube channel.

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