Tommy Emmanuel's Pink Panther

Tommy Emmanuel’s take on Pink Panther, which he plays in a video in support for for breast cancer awareness is one of my favourite songs that he wrote for acoustic guitar.

Riding a Bicycle by Sungha Jung (free tab)

The song "Riding a Bicycle" is from Sungha's album "Two of me" released in 2015. Sungha Jung (Korean: 정성하; born 2 September 1996) is a South Korean fingerstyle guitarist who has a Youtube channel with over 5 million subscribers. He is one of the most popular and influential young guitarists today.

Classical Gas by Sungha Jung

Sungha Jung's take on Tommy Emmanuel's "Classical Gas" is an interesting combination of Tommy's version and Sungha's interpretation. I've based this tab on Sungha's version but you can use the same elements when playing Tommy's version.

Igor Presnyakov's Get Lucky

This is a tutorial on how to play Igor Presnyakov's version of Daft Punk's smash hit "Get Lucky". The guitar is tuned a minor third lower so the strings are looser than normal.

City of Tokyo Tutorial

This is a tutorial of the fingerstyle tune "CITY OF TOKYO" by the Japanese guitarist Rynten Okazaki. 

Kiss by Sungha Jung (free tab)

Here is a tutorial for the original Fingerstyle Guitar song “Kiss” from the album “Andante” released in 2018 by Sungha Jung (정성하).

Seventh #9 by Sungha Jung (free tabs)

Hi everyone! Here is the tutorial and the download link for the free tab for Sungha Jung's song "Seventh #9" which is on his CD "L'atelier".

Flaming by Sungha Jung (free tab)

Hi everyone. Here's another tutorial of a Sungha Jung (정성하) favourite: Flaming. There are a couple other tutorials on Youtube on how to play this song but this is the only complete tutorial with on-screen tabs.

Felicity by Sungha Jung (free tab)

Here is the tutorial on how to play "Felicity" by Sungha Jung. As you all know, Sungha Jung (정성하) is an acoustic fingerstyle guitarist from South Korea.

Gravity by Sungha Jung (free tab)

Here are the tabs for the tap-tastic and heavy tune "Gravity" by Sungha Jung. This song is track 10 from the CD "Monologue".

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