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If you have made a video for Youtube and you want to create version for Instagram, you need to first prepare the video. You can use Avidemux, a free and open source non linear video editor designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding. Read on to learn the settings!

Syncing audio and video has got to be the most time consuming and somewhat frustrating task when it comes to making videos with decent audio. If you record your voice audio seperate from your camera audio, you know that syncing up the audio and the video in post production can be a pain in the ass. Luckily there's a program which runs under Linux that does this pretty much automatically with very little error.

There are some interesting covers of this song on Youtube, so I decided to grab every instrument out of my closet and join the trend. It didn't go as expected...

Janice Tuck from the Fun Music Company has some great ideas for games that you can play with your beginner music students. One of her ideas that I really like is a game called Musical Tic Tac Toe.