This is a mashup of the songs Phunkdified and Fight! - two songs that I discovered far too late in my fingerstyle career.

The song Phunkdified by Justin King is a song that I discovered far too late in my guitar playing. I consider it one of the songs that revolutionized my thinking of how to play fingerstyle guitar. However parts of it reminded me of another fingerstyle song.

I decided to create a mashup of this song along with the song Fight! by Kotaro Oshio.

The mashup demonstrates all the skills needed in fingerstyle guitar including slap bass technique, slap harmonics, rasgueado strumming and tapping.

I start my mashup with a rumba- style strumming with the thumb.  The verse is the main theme to Fight! played in D minor because of DADGAD tuning.

The main verse is taken from Fight ! and is also transposed to D Minor.

The pre-chorus is taken directly from Phunkdified and consists of triplet rasgueado with descending seventh chords.

Finally the Chorus is also taken from Phunkdified and is the tapping technique across both hands.


Check out the full mashup song on Youtube.