There’s a problem with the pentatonic box shape and that is it’s impossible to get out of the box. Because the scale doesn’t move out of the box shape, we are stuck unless we know the notes of the scale which are outside of the box.

I am always looking for licks that I can find which loop over the octaves.  Sort of like what you find in the piano book by Hanon. This is Le Pianiste virtuose en 60 exercices, calculés pour acquérir l'agilité, l'indépendance, la force et la plus parfaite égalité des doigts ainsi que la souplesse des poignets.

So, say that you have a scale and you want to make it sound awesome. You need to transform your scale into a lick. The notes from your scale are going to be used in your lick. One way to develop licks is to purchase a book with lots and lots of licks in it.

Let’s start with something simple, the B Minor pentatonic scale. I’ve tried composing two licks over three octaves that include some groovy bends. I’ve also composed a backing track to the music with some jazz chords.

If you want to try this out yourself I am starting the #3octavelickchallenge. It doesn’t have to be notes from the pentatonic scale. You can use any scale that I outlined in my Eating Vegetables video. All you need are the notes and a lick that can repeat over three octaves. Post a video of your lick with the hashtag #3octavelickchallenge


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