In this tutorial we will be preparing a HD video at 1080p (1920x1080 pixels) for optimum viewing on Instagram. Here's how to prepare your Youtube ready video for Instagram using Avidemux. If you haven't already you must download Avidemux from the Sourceforge website here

Video Length

Instagram only allows a maximum of 60 seconds per video in your feed for a maximum of 15 seconds for stories. *update* Instagram TV (IG TV) now has different restrictions regarding video length, so this might not apply. Trim your video appropriately using the A and B markers if necessary.

Video Output

The first thing you need to do under the video tab is change Copy to Mpeg4 AVC (x264).

Now click the configure button, go down to Rate control and set the Encoding Mode to Average Bitrate (two pass) and change the average bitrate to 10000 kbit/s. You can also experiment with this number if the video doesn''t turn out right. Click OK.

Next we will convert the aspect ratio of the video to 9:16. *note* This step is optional for videos that will show up in your Instagram feed, so use this next step for stories or IG TV videos. Since we are starting with an HD video with an aspect ratio of 16:9, we need to change this by cropping the edges of the video. In the Video Filter Manager  open the Crop filter. Add 672 to both the Left and the Right sides, and 28 to both the bottom and the top. This will give you an end resolution of 576x1024. Click OK.

If your video has a frame rate higher than 30 fps, you will need to change the frame rate of your video. You can do this in the Video Filter Manager. Click on the Resample FPS filter and choose the 29.97 (NTSC) mode. Click OK and close the Video Filter Manager.

Audio Output

Now under the Audio Output, go to the drop down menu and change Copy to AAC (lav). Click the Configure button and make sure the bit rate is set to 128kbps. And now click the filter button and click the check mark next to Resampling (Hz) and set this to 44100. Also click the check mark next to Remix and select Mono from the drop down menu. Click Ok to close the Audio Filters.

Output Format

Finally, just before saving your video, set the output format to the MP4 muxer.

Saving Your Video

Click on the blue floppy disk icon (does anyone use those anymore?) to save the video.

Done! Now upload your video to Instagram and watch the view numbers tick up. Just don't forget to add hashtags in the description and to leave a comment in the comment section below.