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It was of course the pianoforte that was the instrument of choice of the Romantic composers.  In this video we are going to study the works of a French composer how wrote for guitar in the Romantic era. His name: Napoléon Coste.

I often get suggestions to upload more mainstream songs. Movie soundtracks are a good bet and this is my arrangement of the song "Concerning Hobbits" for Classical Guitar.

Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, insert any other composer whose last name starts with a B...All of these composers are Grand Masters, but none of them wrote for guitar.

This was my attempt at making a musical twin/triplet video of the song "Monody" by German music producer TheFatRat. I decided to grab every instrument out of my closet, as well as a few T-shirts, and start filming. It didn't go as expected...

It's boy band time! Time for a late summer cover of this One Direction hit single "What Makes You Beautiful".

I create videos on a regular basis for posting to social media and also for my courses. My video creations are mostly straightforward: I create tutorials and instructional videos about guitar technique. Here are three useful applications for saving time in this process.