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I promised myself that I wouldn’t make too many puns in the writing of this update.

No puns were harmed while you were waiting for this tutorial.

That's right - it’s time for a new Sungha Jung fingerstyle tutorial and today I am happy to show YOU how to play WAITING – a tune from the album Two of Me.

This one is in standard tuning and is unfortunately not the easiest Sungha Jung tune to play owing to the fast pentatonic scale licks in the middle 8 section.

Tab download

Hm, let’s see. Another update. Well, I’ll be recording the third-to-last tarot card (The Sun) this Friday and hopefully also finish recording the cover to my cover of Unravel (I have to re-record the chorus).

Did I also mention that I learned that you have to remove the noise from RAW images manually otherwise they look splotchy? I subsequently had to denoise and re-upload some pictures to social media and my website.

Anyway check out the tutorial on Youtube. As always, thanks for your support!

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