Hello everyone. I've finally gotten around to creating a music video for the J.Lo song "US", which came out sometime in February. Around that time I was looking to record a fingerstyle arrangement of some new pop music that was "hot off the press" and I thought this song sounded OK and ripe for an arrangement.

So I originally planned to record it earlier, but I was busy recording for my online guitar course on Udemy. Check it out (it's in French) at After I had finished writing all the course plans, filming and editing all the videos and uploading everything, I finally had time to go and perform this arrangement. 

One thing that had stopped me was the difficulty of maintaning the bass "pulse" all throughout the song. This thumping noise is created by hitting the guitar body with the wrist immediately after plucking notes with the right hand fingers. It's a common technique in fingerstyle playing but I'm not very used to it and it took me some extra practice. And it's impossible to do this technique whilst simultaneously doing artificial harmonics with the right hand, but in the end this doesn't seem to bother the listener very much.

Finally I tried out some new recording techniques in my home studio. I tried recording in the living room originally because it's a larger space, but the microphone kept picking up the hum from the air conditioners in the adjoining apartments. I also found that the sound was too "crisp" or high pitched. So I tried recording in my smaller room, which is my real music studio. but this time i placed heavy blankets on either side of the microphone to try to block the reflected sound. This seemed to work really well and I'm going to use this method on my next recording.

When it came time to film I went to this spot I had been meaning to try for a while near the MUHC. I liked the spot but not the weather. It was close to 30°C with plenty of humidity and the sun was coming out. I also tried applying a LUT from I like the effect except that some parts of the sky lost some resolution. I'll have to try a different LUT next time or change the lighting.

Here's the video. I hope you enjoy it and leave your comments below! Also you can visit and like my Facebook page and subscribe to my Youtube channel.


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