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I have recently uploaded a short video on the history of composers for the Classical Guitar. Students who learn Classical Guitar will encounter music by these composers right away. But these composers also wrote more advanced and beautiful music.

One thing that bothered me when I started learning classical guitar was that I noticed that the composers featured in the official Examination Repertoire and Studies album published by the Royal Conservatory of Music, didn’t seem to be the same ones in the Piano books. There was no Beethoven, Mozart, Schumann or Chopin. Intrigued, I would eagerly open my history book or Dictionary of Composers to look up the names of the composers that wrote the works for guitar. I would open the dictionary of composers and eagerly search for Fernando Sor or Mauro Giuliani only to find nothing! No mention of any of those names.

Composers for the classical guitar are sadly glossed over or ignored in the standard history textbooks, which mostly feature composers who wrote primarily for the piano. So here is my attempt to rectify that. Here’s a look at the composers who wrote the music that all classical guitarists grow up with.

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